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VAT is a significant issue for businesses as it has implications for all transactions. We offer comprehensive, flexible, independent and practical advice to professionals and all types of businesses.

Services and advice are tailored to your requirements including compliance and health checks, VAT planning, training, and fee structures. Don't let the burden of VAT become a curse.

VAT Registration
VAT registration including retrospective application in order to generate VAT refunds.

VAT Reviews
Review of assessments of underpaid VAT.

VAT Liabilities
Analysis of income streams of the organisation to ascertain whether they are taxable, non-business or exempt.

VAT Registration

Partial Exemption

Partial Exemption
Advise on the maximisation of VAT recovery on costs by specific analysis of your activities to establish the most relevant and cost effective method.

The provision of regular seminars to your staff to keep them fully up to date with the legislation and practical changes. Provide news letters to advise on law changes, cases and HMR&C current views and guidelines.

We can negotiate with Revenue and Customs on your behalf, represent you before the VAT and Duties Tribunal, and also help minimise any risk you might face of criminal prosecution.

Health Checks
Compliance health checks are available to clients who want to know how to deal with the income received and what VAT can be recovered.

Planning to Mitigate VAT Costs
Establish the most advantageous application of the tax to ensure you are claiming all the VAT you are entitled to.

For advice on all aspects of VAT including:

Property Tourism and Leisure Training Education Not for Profit Bodies Health and Welfare Charities Partial Exemption Liabilities

VAT Registration

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